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Spotnovation is how we called the alliance between IQ Social Business and Stand Out Consulting. After many projects together, we decided to name our alliance. 


We've always been innovators and we wanted our alliance to open up opportunities for others mixing up a lot of what we have been doing for the longest and reinventing it for today's needs and what's to come. 

So, we created Spotnovation as a place for innovation where many of our joint ventures will leave and as a platform for others to create, learn, and share. 

From online courses and events to shared marketing projects. Because one mind can think but two together can conquer the world.

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More than a venue, a promoter or an agency.



Think of Spotnovation as the ideal venue for your courses, online classes, and conferences. Whether they are open to the public, selling to the masses or corporate for your employees, we can create the ultimate experience beyond the hosting.


Our ample database allows us to get your material to more people internationally giving your courses and content extra support. Plus, we review it all and upload manually which means we make sure that we get quality. If you are planning on a 1-week conference or a digital event, we can create it with live or pre-recorded access and a custom image just for you. We can even get you your own URL!


If you are a consumer, our great network allows us to bring you the content you want (just let us know what you are interested in!). We are committed to quality so we won't allow everyone to put their courses in there. We bet the quality of each one and upload it manually. 


We are more than an agency...we are two agencies! And this is what allows us to give you more and better. Each one with our styles, expertise, and connections, we can create digital marketing projects that will give you the boutique feel because of our individual size but with a great agency's results because of what we're able to do together. We specialize in trespassing the Latino/American barrier and can create visual content and projects worldwide. From a website with a social media platform for your employees to your own digital school or even publish your book on Amazon. Contact us for more!

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